Across The Philippines In A Kayak

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KHOO SWEE CHIOW, Singapore’s extraordinary record-breaking adventurer, sets himself the challenge of traversing the Philippines in nothing more than a kayak. Setting out in the name of friendship, Swee Chiow and Filipino partner Buzzy paddle over 3,000 kilometres. The journey is anything but smooth sailing for Swee Chiow has to battle raging seas, strong currents, the notorious typhoons of the Philippines, and even hostile gunmen. As he’s about to complete his trip, he faces certain death when strong currents sweep him out into sea. Throughout the trip, Swee Chiow is touched by the hospitality of the Filipinos. They come to his aid time and time again. This is Swee Chiow’s inspirational account of yet another amazing triumph of his indomitable spirit over impossible challenges. This book gives us a glimpse of the mind and heart of the man who has conquered Mount Everest three times, achieved the Adventure Grand Slam, and holds two Guinness World Records.

Author: Khoo Swee Chiow

Format: Paperback

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