The Raffles People

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EVEN as Singapore has grown and developed from sleepy fishing village to international capital, so too has Raffles Hotel evolved into one of the island’s greatest ambassadors. Yet, despite her illustrious history, little has ever been written about the inner machinations of the iconic hotel, which has earned the apt sobriquet of the “Grand Dame”.

You will not find the history of Raffles Hotel neatly laid out in these pages, nor reams of black and white photographs that speak of the long departed. Instead, you will find what is alive in the heartbeat of the Grand Dame today, portraits of rare individuals who come together to epitomise what is unique about the ethos of the hotel: The art of unparalleled service. These are individuals whose contributions of labour and love, as part of the Raffles’ unique family, pave the way for her future ahead.

Author: Dawn Tan

Format: Paperback

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