The Last Paradise On Earth

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AMID the ring of ancient snowy peaks that encapsulate the many heads of the Irrawaddy River, an area that falls primarily in Burma, lives a group of unique people indigenous to this region. The remote landscape they call home may seem pristine but this tranquility is under immediate threat. Since its independence in 1948, Burma has been ravished by near continuous civil war and ethnic conflict, leading to the loss of thousands of lives. Communities have been destroyed, families uprooted, and poverty and illness have wracked the country. Despite the conflict, the remaining inhabitants carry on their existence peacefully. Through memorable, never-seen-before pictures in a photographic diary of his travels, writer and explorer Dr Wade Brackenbury tells the poignant tales of the individuals he has met in his journey. He recounts the fascinating story of the Christianisation of the people, and outlines the region’s geography and history, examining what the future holds for a part of this world he has come to love. In his sensitive portrayals, Wade shares a privileged insight into what is perhaps the last paradise on earth.

Author: Wade Brackenbury

Format: Hardcover

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