Daughters Of Asia

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IN THIS book, the first of its kind anywhere in the world, women leaders of Southeast Asia recount their life journeys in poignant portraits that will at once make you laugh and make you cry. Through candid interviews across the region, these women have come together with one common voice to share their stories in support of the empowerment of the Asian woman. This book is an inspiring collection of stories of hope, courage and adventure. At times they are the stories of all-out determination to survive against the odds of social oppression, war, imprisonment and even torture. They will redefine the way we look at the evolution of the daughters of Asia. The women leaders also share their favourite recipes in this book. With over 25 recipes from 10 countries, you’ll be able to go on a culinary adventure of the region! They include Indonesian President Megawati’s beef jerky as well as Filipino President Gloria Arroyo’s beef in tomato sauce. The spectacular photography also takes you around Southeast Asia — from the cool foothills of the Himalayas in north Myanmar to hot, sunny Singapore and the vibrant streets of Hanoi. The visual imagery is vibrant, varied and will leave a deep, lasting impression of the peoples, terrain and foods of the region.

Author: Dawn Tan

Format: Hardcover

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